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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals


All our staff are chosen after several interviews to ensure they have the right Character, attitude and work ethic to join our well established staff. Only after we are are satisfied they have achieved the right standards are they permitted to work unsupervised.


Our Mission

Our mission is clear, it is to ensure that when we are asked to provide domestic, office or carpet cleaning our clients will be happy and satisfied with both the standard of service and the cost.

Raymond Martin

Owner and Service Manager

A long time in the cleaning service and management of staff." I try to get the best out of people, I try to ensure our staff are happy at work this leads to good attendance and time keeping".

Hazel Martin

Company secretary

Hazel ensures the good running of the companies documentation and  ensuring we are operating legally and within the law.

Jayne Joesbury


Many years in management, I keep a positive and passionate attitude, honest, guiding and supportive to both staff and clients.

We hold a team of dedicated, hard working staff from various backgrounds to include schools and caring, they are reliable, trustworthy and have great communication skills. They work great both as a team and as individuals. They keep the companies morale high.

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